About Us

The Farmers Market Authority (FMA) is established to assist in the marketing of agricultural products by providing information, leadership, and modern facilities necessary to move agricultural products from the farm to the consumer. This assures the consumer a better quality product at a reasonable price and a fair return to the producer by providing a convenient, dependable place through which producers and buyers may carry on the process of marketing.


  • To promote direct marketing avenues for Alabama agricultural products.
  • To advocate for the interest and respond to the needs of farmers markets and direct market farmers.
  • To educate farmers and consumers about the benefits of direct marketing and the importance of supporting local agriculture and their communities.

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Don Wambles, Director

Farmers Market Authority
Richard Beard Building, Suite 003
1445 Federal Drive
Montgomery, Alabama 36107

Phone: (334) 240-7247
Fax: (334) 240-3723